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Ke Koupališti 370/15,
742 35 Odry
Česká republika
Company Reg No.: 60792825
Tax Reg No.: CZ60792825
registered in the Commercial Register administered by the Regional Court in Ostrava, Section B, File No. 987

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The MATEICIUC a. s. Company (hereinafter “MATEICIUC“) is required, within the meaning of Article 13 of European Parliament and Council (EU) Regulation No. 2016/679 (hereinafter the “Regulation“, to inform subjects of personal data (hereinafter “SOPD“) about the circumstances under which their personal data is processed. We hereby inform you of your rights and of your option to exercise them.


1.1. The SOPD is entitled to exercise the following rights in particular:

1.1.1. The right to access personal data– the SOPD is entitled to request information from MATEICIUC about whether MATEICIUC processes its personal data, acquire access to this data and receive a copy of this data.

1.1.2. The right to explanation and correction of personal data – the SOPD is entitled to demand that MATEICIUC immediately correct inaccurate personal data concerning this SOPD.

1.1.3. The right to deletion of personal data – the SOPD is entitled to demand that MATEICIUC deletes its personal data, if no purpose or legal reason for processing is applicable.

1.1.4. The right to restrict processing – the SOPD is entitled to demand that MATEICIUC restricts processing of its persona data to just storage of this data, in cases when the Regulation provides this option.

1.1.5. The right to objections against the processing of personal data – in the event of processing personal data essential for performance of tasks carried out in the public interest or for the purpose of the MATEIUCIUC Company’s legitimate interests, the SOPD is entitled to raise an objection against the processing of its personal data, if it also gives the reasons concerning its specific situation.

1.1.6. The right to file a complaint – if there is any suspicion that MATEICIUC processes the SOPD’s personal data in conflict with the legal regulations or this document, or if MATEICIUC fails to satisfy any of the aforementioned requirements, the SOPD is entitled to file a complaint to the supervisory body, which is the Personal Data Protection Office (


2.1. A “Request for application of an SOPD’s rights” must be completed in order to apply these rights. This form can be obtained from reception at MATEICIUC

2.2. The SOPD may apply the rights according to Article 1. using the following methods:

2.2.1. personally at the reception desk at MATEICIUC at the address: Ke Koupališti 370/15, 742 35 Odry. If a Request is submitted, a valid proof of identity is required in order to verify the identity of the applicant;

2.2.2. electronically, by means of the SOPD’s data box;

2.2.3. by e-mail with the electronic signature of the SOPD based on a qualified certificate issued by a certification authority acknowledged in the Czech Republic and sent to the address:

2.3. MATEICIUC will not take Requests accepted in any other manner into consideration, particularly due to the lack of opportunity to verify the applicant’s identity.

2.4. The SOPD is entitled to exercise the rights according to Article. 2 free of charge. If MATEICIUC considers the SOPD’s application evidently inappropriate or unreasonable, particularly if it is submitted by the same SOPD repeatedly, processing of the SOPD’s Request will be subject to an appropriate fee, otherwise the Request will be denied.


MATEICIUC a.s. NºSIREN: 60792825; NºTaxe Intercommunautaire: CZ60792825; société immatriculée au Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés auprès du Tribunal Régional d´Ostrava, section B, pièce intercalaire 987


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